Supernatural season 13
Misha Collins as Castiel in The CW series, Supernatural The CW

Supernatural season 13 premiere was a tearjerker. The Winchester brothers were left to pick up pieces from the tragic finale, which featured the death of Castiel, Crowley and Kelly Kline, and their mum getting trapped in a post-apocalyptic Earth with Lucifer.

The brothers tried to navigate how to deal with Lucifer's powerful son Jack, as the episode ended with all of them finally giving a proper farewell to Castiel and others. Dean created a funeral pyre for the angel and light it as they both choked back tears next to him.

However, we know Misha Collins' angel character will return in an upcoming episode, but when and who will resurrect him? According to a report in Entertainment Weekly, Castiel will be first seen in episode 3 of season 13, though his whereabouts are still a secret.

Executive producer Andrew Dabb told the outlet, "It's a place we'll be seeing for the first time through his eyes," and it's not heaven, hell, or purgatory. "It's a place we'll be seeing for the first time through his eyes," Dabb added.

Co-showrunner Robert Singer called it a "very, very dark place". Collins too weighed in on where Castiel is, and told the Entertainment site, "I really think that this is potentially the most boring place in the universe. [Castiel is] really preoccupied with the notion of getting back to the boys and [Lucifer's son] Jack."

However, the angel will not be the same once he returns with a different wardrobe. Collins said, "The idea is that it's a hard reset on Cas. He remembers right up until the moment that he was killed, but he's infused with a little bit of the old Cas. He's back to full power."

According to Collins, the trenchcoat-wearing angel comes back with a "slightly different wardrobe" and is described as "more like the original Cas."

Once he is back, the angel will pick up right where he left off when it comes to protecting Jack, Lucifer's son. "There is a bond. Cas does really see himself as guardian to this kid," the actor said of his bond with Jack.