The CW's show Supernatural will return with season 13 on 12 October, and fans are close to learning what lies ahead for angel Castiel, who was seen dead in the season 12 finale.

Misha Collins, who plays Castiel, attended the San Diego Comic-Con and teased that season 13 will be a little bit of "reset" for the angel. When asked about Castiel's relationship with himself, the actor told Hypable: "I think Cas goes through varying different degrees of self-loathing over time, and that a lot of Castiel's actions are motivated by him trying to pay penance for past failures that he himself perceives having made."

"He carries baggage with him, when he screws something up he just doesn't let it go and that has been a big motiving factor for him for a long time because he feels like he failed in the past," which may have led to his death in the season 12 finale, at the hands of Lucifer.

Teasing his journey in season 13, Castiel was quoted as saying: "He gets a little bit of a reset at the beginning of season 13, because the circumstances that unfolded at the end of season 12 felt like they weren't anybody's fault."

Season 13 will find Castiel uniting with Sam and Dean around a common purpose, admitted Collins, and teased that fans may see "different iterations" of his character. He said: "The Cas that comes back is not the totally different Cas."

The actor also spoke about the bond between Cas and Jack, and revealed that they don't have scenes together until episode 6. "Jack sort of thinks of him [Cas] as a strange surrogate father, some strange imprinting that may have happened, even though Cas is dead."

The actor played coy when asked if Jack is on their side, and said: "That's the big question."

Earlier, executive producer Andrew Dabb revealed the big bad for season 13 and its not Lucifer's child. He told Tv Line during SDCC: "[Lucifer's child] Jack is not the biggest threat they are dealing with." When asked about the new villian, he hinted "it's an old — let's call him friend — who we have not seen for many years."

The mysterious foe "probably is not currently in our world. He [is] from the alternate world," added Dabb.