Supernatural season 13
Sam and Dean in Supernatural season 13 The CW/ screenshot

Supernatural season 13 mid-season finale left us with a terrifying cliffhanger—Sam and Dean Winchesters are left stranded in a scary alien world with dinosaurlike footprint—and fans will have to wait until 2018 to find out what happens next.

This means, there will be no new episodes of Supernatural airing this Thursday (14 December) and the show will return with episode 10, titled Wayward Sisters, on 18 January at 8 pm EST on The CW Network.

In the previous episode titled, The Bad Place, Jack enlisted the help of dreamwalker Kaia (who is set to appear in spinoff Wayward Sister) to open a rift to the Apocalypse World to save Mary.

But when the angels came looking for Lucifer's offspring, Kaia combined her power with Jack and he ended up in Mary's world, but the Winchester brothers were not that lucky. The episode ended with the hunters in the Bad Place that Kaia had warned them about as we hear some Jurassic Park-like footsteps and scary roar in the background.

Co-showrunner Andrew Dabb and the episode's writer Robert Berens spoke to TV Line about what to expect next in the series.

Revealing some scary details about the new alternate world Sam and Dean are stranded in, Dann told TV Line, "We've seen an alternate world once already this year in apocalypse world, which is pretty much like our world, but an apocalypse happened to it. The world Sam and Dean go into at the end of Episode 9 is something much different, something much more alien."

Teasing "weirder and grosser" things, the showrunner continued, "We've seen in Episode 9, and we will continue to see in Episode 10, the things that are there are bigger and worse and weirder and grosser than anything we've seen on Supernatural proper. It's essentially an alien planet. That's how we're kind of treating it, and the big footprint is just the tip of the iceberg."

Berens too had similar words to describe the scary new world. "The Bad Place, [which is] the place that Sam and Dean are at the end of Episode 9, is the kind of proprietary nightmare world of Wayward and the spinoff [backdoor pilot] in Episode 10. We'll be exploring that hooded figure, the giant monster we heard in the background of the last scene, as well as all those other critters," he told the outlet.

In a separate interview with TV Guide, Dabb explained that the dreamwalker, Kaia, would play a major part in rescuing the Winchester brothers from that strange new world.

"She's the only survivor of this cosmic accident we saw unfold so she's a pivotal figure for putting that piece together when it becomes an issue of saving Sam and Dean from this place," Dabb explained.

To rescue them, however, Kaia will need help in the form of a few other Wayward Sisters. When Supernatural returns in January, she'll team up with Jodi (Kim Rhodes) and Patience (Clark Backo) in what will be the backdoor pilot for the potential spin-off.