The CW network's post-apocalyptic show, The 100 is filming its season 5 and executive producer Jason Rothenberg has shared the first look at lead characters, Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake, played by actor Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley, respectively.

Rothenberg took to Twitter to share set photos, wherein Clarke and Bellamy are seen interacting with two other actors, whose face is not shown. Bellamy, who was last seen taking refuge in space with Raven, Monty and others to escape the nuclear waves, is seen sporting a bit of a stubble and sleek hairdo in the photo.

The showrunner cheekily wrote, "Ever since the damn deathwave, there's nowhere good to eat in Polis. @MisElizaJane @WildpipM @JarodJoseph #The100 #The100Season5." The EP has also teased season 5 premiere date and trailer release date on the social media platform.

In another tweet shared on 8 December, Rothenberg shared a behind the set photo featuring Taylor and Marie Avgeropoulos ( who plays as Octavia Blake) and teased, "Hey Guys... Clarke and Octavia are coming to a TRAILER near you very soon... but not until our air date is announced. For now, they're just chillin' BTS. @MisElizaJane @iamAvgeropoulos @AdinaPorter #the100"

The CW is yet to share an official date, but The 100 season 5 will premiere sometime in early 2018. The director has been teasing the trailer scenes for sometimes now, by sharing some bits and scenes from the video on his Twitter account.

In one of the photos, Clarke is seen fiercely pointing a gun at someone, and in next photo, Octavia is seen with blood smeared on her face.

The season 4 finale of The 100 show ended with flashforward scenes featuring Clarke– who survived the radiation apocalypse thanks to her night blood –with a little girl Madi (played by Lola Flanery) and is waiting for Bellamy and company to return from space, as some unexpected visitors arrive in another spaceship.

Previously, the EP dished on whether there is hope for a romance between the Clarke and Bellamy in The 100 season 5. He told Entertainment Weekly, "No question, it is the most important relationship in the show in terms of these two leaders working together and figuring out how to survive together. One's strength is the other's weakness and vice versa."

When asked if there is any possibility of a romantic relationship between the two, Rothenberg explained, "First of all, Bellamy and Clarke have always been at the centre of this show. It has always been the story of — on some level — Clarke and her relationship to Bellamy. And whether they were going to survive or not depending on how well those two human beings worked together — whether romantic or otherwise."

The show has added several new actors to its cast for season 5. Actor William Miller will play the new villain, Robert McCreary. According to TV Line, McCreary is a "mysterious prisoner aboard the long-distance mining mission sent from our time. A former enforcer from a powerful crime syndicate, his ruthless, violent methods make him a formidable antagonist to our heroes."

Love Actually actress Ivana Milicevic will play Charmaine Diyoza, one of the "mysterious criminals" aboard the prison ship we see in the final moments of The 100 Season 4 finale. Diyoza is described as a "ruthless military strategist who will go head to head" with the other characters.

Peaky Blinders star Jordan Bolger has been roped in to play a recurring role of Zeke Shaw, an adrenaline junkie "brimming with brains, wit, and bravado."