Swing Copter Succeeds Flappy Bird
Swing Copters is set to be just as successful as Flappy Bird, combining devilishly hard gameplay with simple graphics. TouchArcade

For those of you who thought of Flappy Bird as the hardest game ever made, its creator has a surprise for you. Dong Nguyen, the Vietnamese developer of Flappy Bird, has come out with a new title called Swing Copters and beating it is proving to be an absolute nightmare. However, we have compiled a set of tips and tricks that will help you get better at the game.

Take All Your Hope And Drop It Into A Bin

Those of you who have tried it would have come to terms with the fact that Swing Copters is one game that no one is going to beat. Players are dealing with an impossible game and the only success comes from how far you can manage to go.

Use Two Thumbs

After over an hour with the game, we realised that using two thumbs worked to an extent. The technique allowed us to score three points in a row on many occasions. So when your character is moving up, position both thumbs on either side of it and tap away furiously on the appropriate side for the best results.

The Hammers Are Not Your Enemy

Let's face it, regardless of how you try to move your character, you are going to end up swinging straight into a hammer. Therefore avoid focusing on them and instead work on moving your character through the gaps in the middle.

Stay in The Middle

One technique that worked for us was focusing on nothing but staying in the middle. Regardless of how they swing, the hammers can't get to you when you are in the absolute centre of the in-game area.

Take A Brake After Every Two Attempts

If you haven't noticed yet, games like Flappy Bird and Swing Copter are designed to frustrate you and lure you into playing them over and over. We noticed better results when we took regular breaks between every two turns. This will allow gamers to compose themselves before being struck by a hammer again.