Several iOS 8.3 jailbroken devices with TaiG 2.0.0 have reportedly been afflicted with numerous bugs, including issues such as App Store updates not installing and the Settings app crashing randomly.

However, folks at Redmond Pie have shared a simple guide to fix these issues easily:

How to fix crashing issue

  • You can fix the Settings app crashing issue by just unpairing your Apple Watch from your iPhone:
  • Launch Apple Watch app from your iPhone's home screen
  • Tap on Apple Watch and select 'Unpair Apple Watch'

Note: All user data will be lost on the Apple Watch once it is unpaired from the iPhone. So, please back up your data on the watch, before you proceed.

How to fix apps not downloading/updating from App Store

  • Launch the App Store and select Updates > Purchased
  • A pop-up message will appear prompting you to log in to your iTunes account, even if you have already done so
  • Just enter your password and confirm. That should fix the issue for now and you should be able to download your favourite apps and updates.
  • Alternatively, you can also fix this issue by going to Settings > iTunes & App Store and re-entering your password at the login prompt. Please note that you should do this even if you are already signed in.

If the issue still persists, perform a fresh restore to iOS 8.3 via iTunes and re-jailbreak your device with TaiG jailbreak 2.1.1 (step-by-step guide).

In case you have backed up your precious user data, you can restore the same via iTunes, after you have successfully jailbroken your device.

For further assistance with troubleshooting jailbreak issues, check out our comprehensive guide posted here.

[Source: Redmond Pie]