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Teachers have topped a list of bravest professions that fought in World War One Reuters

Teachers and window cleaners were braver than bankers, according to a study of wartime records.

While teachers today might be used to battling students sat at the back row, they were at their most formidable and bravest on the front line during World War One.

Studies showed school masters received the most military medals per head for their role on the war.

Window cleaners, cotton mill workers and fishermen also ranked in the top 10 for the bravest professions, according to family history website Ancestry, which studied 2.8 million services records to compile the list.

Ancestry tallied the number of Military Cross, Distinguished Conduct Medal, Victoria Cross and Meritorious Service Medal winners against the number of people in work in 1911.

Ancestry's Miriam Silverman said: "While teachers, doctors and policemen may have had the skills or leadership qualities that could have prepared them better for the frontline, what this data really tells us is that it was the ordinary men with everyday professions that made some of the most extraordinary heroes."

Top 10 bravest professions:

1. Teacher

2. Window cleaner

3. Cotton mill worker

4. Fisherman

5. Doctor

6. Servant

7. Barber

8. Merchant

9. Police officer

10. Banker

Source: Ancestry.co.uk