A Facebook video watched millions of times is understood to have led to the arrest of a teenage girl over an assault of a mother while carrying her six-month-old baby, local media has said.

The video was posted by Jeremy McCoy on Monday 23 October with the caption: "Hate to post this of my daughter being assaulted by 2 girls, and nothing has been done yet 5 days later. So please share."

The incident reportedly occured on 18 October in the Oklahoma city of Broken Bow. The victim, Janie McCoy, told KSLA that she was attending the gathering at the invitation of a friend when she was confronted by three girls.

In the video posted by her father, Janie McCoy appears to be struck in the face by one girl while she holds her baby in her arms. As she enters the home still carrying her child, another girl appears to strike her from behind.

Another video purportedly of the same incident shows McCoy sitting on a swing while the girls confront her, as she gets up to walk away, again holding her child, she is struck down by one of the girls.

Speaking to KSLA, McCoy said that the girls told her that someone had said something about someone wanting to fight someone, but added that she "had no idea what they was talking about." A petition calling for those involved to face punishment has garnered over 7,000 signatures.

McCoy said she suffered a bruised cheek and split lip but that her child was uninjured, she added that she took him to the doctor to be certain. "I tried to get away from the situation and, as you can see, they struck me anyways." McCoy said.

KSLA reported a police dispatcher saying that one teen had been arrested on Tuesday 24 October and appeared in front of a judge alongside her mother.