Teen mom 2
Teen mom 2 stars Kailyn, Leah, Jenelle and Chelsea MTV

MTV's reality TV show Teen Mom 2 season 6 returns with an all new episode on 3 September, where Jenelle and Nathan will be seen discussing their failed relationship. The ninth episode is titled Run Away, where fans would also get to see Leah Messer return from therapy.

The official synopsis of the episode reads as follows: "Leah returns from therapy; Jenelle and Nathan struggle with their co-parenting arrangement; and Kailyn and Javi adjust to Jo and Vee living nearby."

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Meanwhile, the latest promo shows Jenelle calling Nathan to discuss how to co-parent their child, Kaiser. Jenelle asks Nathan, "What are we going to do about Kaiser? To which he replies, "I don't know. It is stressful. The whole thing is just really stressful."

Jenelle then asks him to pay for their son's daycare this week, and Nathan claims, "This week I can't. I don't have any money. I told you that."

Then Jenelle points out that she is the one paying for everything -- from the baby formula to the baby's clothes -- and Nathan immediately cuts her off saying, "I am going to help. I will not be one of those crappy dad's that let you [the mothers] do everything."

The couple then continue to discuss their failed relationship. Nathan says, "I hope you understand that you made me hate myself." And Jenelle replies, "That is how I felt."

"I have been with you and only for 2 years now," she says and breaks down, while stating that she was "hurt to see him move on that fast".

Moreover, things are not looking easy for Leah either, as her former husband Corey Simms does not like the idea of his daughters visiting her.

The promo further shows Simms meeting Messer's mother Dawn Spears in a parking lot to pick up his twin daughters, Aliannah and Aleeah. When Spears mentions about taking the girls to visit her on Mother's Day at the rehab facility, he gets upset. "What day do you want me to pick them up this weekend -- except for Mother's Day, I'm going to take them to see their mommy," she asks Simms.

He then asks her where would she be taking the twins to see his ex-wife and she says: "I would really rather not disclose that, Corey."

"I really don't want my kids going somewhere I don't know where they are," he says, but Spears calmly defends her position that the girls should visit their mother on Mother's Day. However, Corey turns around and states, "I did not make this decision for her. Neither did her children. She left on her own free will, knowing that she was leaving her children for a month. Now that I have them, I am their parent. I have to make the decisions on my own."