Teen mom 2
Teen mom 2 stars Kailyn, Leah, Jenelle and Chelsea MTV

Teen Mom 2 season 6 returns with an all-new episode tonight (17 September), in which Jenelle Evans's lawyer gives her some bad news and Leah Messer's exes, Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert, gang up against the mother of their child. Episode 11 is titled Sorry Not Sorry, and the official synopsis reads as follows:

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The episode trailer opens with Evans visiting her lawyer Amy Lawrence, to discuss her latest domestic violence case. The lawyer tries to make her understand how serious the offence is and says she may face jail time for it. The Teen Mom 2 star was arrested after allegedly hitting her ex-fiancé, Nathan Griffith's new girlfriend, with a glass.

Lawrence tells Evans: "We will have a court date. It's not anything we can take lightly. I mean, you're looking at 30 days in jail; you're looking at a fine. And the problem with criminal domestic violence is it carries the penalties of a felony."

Although Evans seems quiet, the Lawyer insists that the whole matter shouldn't have snowballed.

"And it can't happen anymore because your child deserves better than that. This is the thing, when everybody broke up, they are hurt or hurting... the issue is that you use your baby as a pawn to hurt the other. I know he's doing it and I know you're doing it. And that's not the game we're going to play because the only person that loses is Kaiser," Lawrence explains in the video.

Will Evans face jail time? We will have to watch the episode to find out.

Meanwhile, a new promo video shows Simms and Calvert meeting to discuss what to do about their child's mother. The video opens with Simms asking Calvert how things are between him and Messer, and he replies that he has filed for divorce. The two then start bad-mouthing Messer, and how difficult she is to handle.

Simms tells Calvert: " I was f*****g skin and bones sick. Until Miranda came along it was like a f*****g rainbow with a pot of f*****g gold."

"It sucks for the kids' sake," Simms says. "I'm not worried about myself. She went from being normal to a compete 180. Prescription pills problem," says Calvert.

Simms addresses her drug issue and says: "This drug issue that everybody knows she has is sweeping under like a carpet and don't want anybody knowing where she went." Although Messer checked into rehab, she does not reveal much about the treatment to either of them which annoys the two.

"We are the father of her children. We need to know what is going on with the mother of our children. What are you sweeping it under the rug, acting like it's not a big deal," insists Simms.

"If it was us, we'd be crucified," Calvert says. "We'd never see our children ever again," Simms agrees.

"My biggest fear is she's going to keep getting away with sh*t until one of these nights me and you are going to get this f*****d up phone call 'cause mommy done f*****g made a big boo boo," Calvert says. "And that's when I'm going to go f******g ballistic," he tells Simms.