Faking it season 2
Amy is attracted to Felix in Faking It season 2? MTV

Fans of the hit MTV series Faking It should brace themselves for a lot of drama around Amy, Karma, Reagan, Shane and Lauren. Although Karma and Amy's bond is stronger than ever, the promo for season 2's episode 13 teases a lot of conflicts and questions ahead for the Hester High students.

The 13th episode is titled Future Tense, and the official synopsis reads as follows: "Amy questions her future after visiting a college fair; Liam believes he has located his real father." Click here to watch the episode online on MTV's official website.

In the last episode, Karma bonded with Reagan and realised that Amy is hiding some important details about her sexuality from her. Karma urges Amy to come clean to Reagan that she is not completely a lesbian and that she is still attracted to guys. To make things worse, Reagan overhears their conversation, and is seen leaving Amy's house heartbroken.

The promo for the upcoming episode shows Amy talking to Felix as Karma asks, "Are you attracted to Felix?" We also see Reagan crying and asking Amy, "After everything I have been through my ex, how can you not tell me you are into guys?" However, Amy convinces her that she is lesbian and kisses Reagan to prove it. But Karma doesn't like the fact that Amy is lying to Reagan.

Amy asks Karma, "Why are you so against me being a lesbian?" Karma replies, "I am against changing who you are to make someone else happy," hinting at Amy and Reagan's relationship.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Shane will have problems of their own as Theo appears in high school asking for forgiveness, and tells Lauren, "I want you back." Meanwhile, Duke and Shane discuss their terms of the relationship and opts for an open relationship.

Everyone is questioning everything. An all-new Faking It airs tomorrow at 9:30/8:30c.

Posted by Faking It on Sunday, September 13, 2015