Teen Mom 2 season 7
Teen Mom 2 season 7 airs every Monday on MTV Network MTV

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin will continue to butt heads over the custody of their two-year-old son, Lincoln as Jenelle Evans reaches her boiling point with her mother Barbara in the upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2 season 7.

Episode 23 is titled, Ready Or Not, which will air this Monday, 6 March at 9pm EST on MTV Network. The official synopsis reads as follows:

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In the promo for the episode, Kailyn is seen visiting her ex Jo and his fiancee Vee. Lowry shares an update on things that are going on between her and ex-husband Javi. Jo asks: "So how are things between you and Javi? Did you guys resolve anything?"

Vee adds: " What's going on?" Kail replies: "I don't know what the deal is, but regardless, we are fighting so much. Jo used to tell me we are on the same team... Now I know."

Responding to Vee's query about what Javi was trying to do, she says: "He just showed up, through the basement, and Issac is like you are not supposed to be here?"
Jo is clearly not happy to hear this and adds: "That's what pisses me off...That should not be happening. That to me is not acceptable at all. He also says that he doesn't want his son to go through all these things.

In the previous episode, Javi and Kailyn met for divorce mediation to determine who gets to keep their son, Lincoln, for the holidays. However, their meeting did not go as expected as Javi accused his former wife of cheating.

Javi asked: "You're real happy with what you did?" and added: "So you didn't admit to me that you slept with someone?" Kailyn did not deny this but defended herself by saying that she had already filed for divorce. He fired back saying: "You're going to open your legs to some guy that's not a big f*****g deal?"