Teen Wolf actor Tyler Posey is apparently the latest victim of a nude video leak, which is going viral on the internet. This news comes days after his co-star Cody Christian's nude pictures were leaked online.

Posey — who was trending on Twitter in the Unites States at the time of writing — has fans rallying for him on the social media platform. The alleged video of Posey is said to have footage of the actor pleasuring himself.

One user wrote on Twitter, "Yesterday was Cody Christian and now Tyler Posey? STOP INVADING PEOPLE'S PRIVACY!"

Using the hashtag, #RespetTylerPosey, a Teen Wolf fan site wrote, "Why the people do that! Please have a some respect for Tyler!"

Another Twitter user urged everyone to not look at the leaked video and wrote, "Remember, when you look at these Tyler Posey leaks you are violating him again and again. It's not okay."

Bella Thorne, who dated the 25-year-old MTV actor, spoke out in support of her ex-boyfriend on Twitter. She wrote, "All I have left to say is Tyler is an angel." Later she also urged for "harsher laws" against cyber bullying. The model wrote, "Honestly there needs to be harsher laws against bully and cyber bullying this is not ok."

Previously, Cody Christian was reportedly "mortified" and "furious" when the alleged private clip featuring him in various stages of undress was leaked online. A source told HollywoodLife, "He's absolutely mortified, embarrassed and furious over the video leak. To say he is p****d would not even begin to do justice to the level of his anger right now. But the main feeling he's experiencing is humiliation."

The 21-year-old, popular for his portrayal of Theo Raeken in the MTV show, felt violated following the leak. The source added, "He seriously can't believe this has happened to him — he never in a million years thought he would fall victim to a betrayal like this, and he feels violated. Cody doesn't even want to leave the house or answer the phone, let alone think about heading back to work."