Teen Wolf Season 3 Finale
Allison and Aiden are dead and Kate Argent and Malia returns to Season four. Teen Wolf/Facebook

After a series of adventure, chaos and confusion, Teen Wolf Season 3 has delivered an epic finale with more bloodshed and death.

While fans were struggling to gulp the death of their favourite character Allison in last week's 'Insatiable', they were treated with more shocker, this time with the Omega Wolf Aiden's death.

The finale begins with the Onis attacking the hospital and the animal clinic and the sheriff station leaving Melissa, Deaton and the sheriff seriously injured.

Stiles, Kira and Lydia plan to meet Derek and instead of opening the school door, they enter a snow garden where they come face to face with the Oni and Nogitsune.

The dark spirit convinces Stiles that he can avert danger on his loved ones only if he allows Scott to stab him but Stiles saves himself from the trap at the last moment realising it is an illusion.

Meanwhile, the Oni attacks Derek and the twins Aiden and Ethan but Chris and Isaac come to their rescue with the silver arrows.

Sadly by then Aiden gets fatally stabbed in his stomach while killing one of the Oni and dies in Ethan's arms. This marks another exit of a favourite character from the Teen Wolf series.

And at the end, Nogitsune is dead while Stiles is safe. However, before the gang could burst into celebration they are shocked to see someone's surprising entry.

And that apparently is the biggest shocker in the concluding frame of the finale 'The Divine Move', Kate Argent is back! Kate is back from the dead and possesses some sort of supernatural power and is actually the 'La Loba'.

Malia too returns in the finale and there will be more revelation about her relation with her 'now known' father Peter Hale in the new season.

Scott will deal with Allison's death and fans hope to see him in love.

The exclusive Season 4 teaser of the MTV hit series promises more creepy actions ahead of the werewolf drama. The promo features Stiles and Lydia and it will be a 12 series and will return in May this year.