Teen Wolf season 5 will return with its second half on 5 January and will shift from Monday nights to Tuesdays on MTV. A new trailer for the upcoming episodes was aired at the Teen Wolf panel during the New York Comic Con that teases a lot of twists and turns for the Beacon Hills students and a rocky road ahead for Scott and Stiles's friendship.

Here are a few things to expect in Teen Wolf season 5B

1. Scott as a bada** alpha: The show went dark in the fifth season with the arrival of the Dread Doctors but showrunner Jeff Davis teased that Scott McCall would return as a bada** alpha. "We went pretty dark in 5A. We're getting our sense of humor back, we like to say, in 5B. It's gonna be much more fun. I told Tyler [Posey] we're gonna see him as a badass alpha. Tyler kicks ass up and down the sets of Teen Wolf."

2. Scott and Stiles: A new trailer for Teen Wolf season 5B revealed that Scott and Stiles's friendship is still on the rocks, as Stiles literally pushes Scott to the floor and yells, "Where were you Scott?" Tyler Posey also teased that they are at each other's throats at this point and it's the peak of Stiles and Scott's conflict.

3. Scott and Kira romance will bloom: Fans will continue to see the budding romance between Scott and his love interest Kira (played by Arden Cho). Posey revealed that "They're so cute and I love the awkwardness between them, and it really brings a kind of awkwardness to the show. I think the show really needs it and it's just really relatable."

4. Lydia and Stiles moment: Fans who are rooting for Stiles and Lydia will finally get their due in season 5B. Jeff Davis revealed that Stiles getting Lydia out of Eichen House will be an "epic moment" for Stydia fans. "I think it's definitely going to be a pretty epic moment in this two-part episode of 515 and 516," Jeff told HollywoodLife."I don't want to tease too much because we want it to be surprising, but it will satisfy certain fans I hope. Maybe piss off many others, but that always happens."