Teen Wolf season 6
Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf season 5 MTV

Filming for Teen Wolf season 6 is currently underway and actor Melissa Ponzio, who plays Melissa McCall has teased some unexpected drama in the upcoming season of the hit MTV show. According to her, season 6 will feature a lot of "unexpected happenings".

Replying to a fan query on Twitter about her favorite part from season 6, Ponzio wrote, "Can't share with u just yet..but there's a lot of unexpected happenings, alliances, reveals, stuff." In a second tweet, she added, "New faces, places, emotions, possibilities, confusion, passion, tactics, problem solving, honor, relying on others, loss."

Showrunner Jeff Davis previously spoke to Hypable.com about the storyline and theme for season 6. Speaking about the show's theme, Davis shared, "Season 6 actually really goes back to the friendship, the main thrust of the show, which is about two best friends going out into the woods one night to find a dead body. The first part of season 6 is very much about Stiles and Scott's friendship. That's all I can really say at the moment since we're still working it out."

The showrunner also teased a big change and a time jump."I can tease about season 6 that there are big changes coming. It's a big season, actually, for both Scott and Lydia in terms of change". The executive producer revealed that there will be a three-month time jump between the seasons and added, "We will be into the second semester of their senior year."

MTV recently included actor Pete Ploszek to the cast in the form of a recurring role in Teen Wolf season 6. According to a Deadline report, Ploszek will play Mr. Garrett Douglas, a charming, handsome young new teacher, the kind everyone has a crush on.

As already confirmed that the Nazi Werewolf will be the main villain in season 6, Scott and the Stiles gang will face a lot of ups and downs in their senior years in Beacon Hills when the show would return in June. The premiere date for Teen Wolf season 6 is yet to be announced.