It's everyone in Beacon Hills vs the Beast of Gévaudan in the intense season 5 finale episode of Teen Wolf. Episode 20 titled Apotheosis will air on 8 March (Tuesday) at 9pm ET on MTV. In the episode, Scott McCall and his pack will forge new alliance to stop the Beast, which will threaten to wipe out Beacon Hills.

According to the synopsis: "While Scott and the others work to stop the Beast before Beacon Hills is razed to the ground, loyalties are tested and alliances are forged." Click here to watch Teen Wolf season 5 episodes online on MTV's official website (only in the US).

Ryan Kelley's character Jordan Parrish has been through a lot this season, from learning that he is a hellhound to finding out that he is supposedly dead. The actor previewed the much-anticipated fight between the hellhound and the Beast and teased that only one of them will come out alive.

Kelley told TVLine: "It looks like Parrish and the Beast are going to square off with only one of them surviving. Will Parrish even make it out alive? And if he does come out victorious, what's his purpose? Not to mention he's supposedly dead already, as we heard that 'Jordan Parrish is no more.' There are a lot of factors in play here."

According to 29-year-old actor, being a hellhound surprised him more than the fact that he is dead. Ryan told the website: "Probably being a hellhound. Even though Parrish is technically 'dead' — and I'll admit don't really know where that storyline is going — I have to imagine that he's somehow still around, at least part of him. This is Teen Wolf, so if there's any way he could come back, I'm sure he will." A previous report suggested that a major character is set to die in this episode.

Do not miss the action-packed finale of Teen Wolf this Tuesday on MTV.