Theo Raeken (Cody Christian) was presumed dead after the chimera was dragged down to his hellish pit by his dead sister who had been thirsting for revenge. However, the villain could still be alive and make a return in season 6 of Teen Wolf.

At Oz Comic Con in Perth, Australia, Christian was asked if his character was really dead. "I'm not dead, no. Keep watching," he apparently answered. One fan tweeted: "@ReallyCody confirms that he is NOT dead and will be back for @MTVteenwolf season 6. @OzComicCon Q&A."

"@0h_Meli I asked what happened 2 his character since he just went in a hole & is presumed dead. He said "I'm not dead, no, keep watching."

However, on 4 April, Christian clarified on his comments regarding the return of his character to the show. He tweeted: "All I've said is that Theo isn't dead. Just been dragged to hell. I can't confirm if he's coming back because I honestly don't know yet!"

"Wanted to clarify because I've seen a lot of tweets surfacing about the subject. If and when I know, I'll be sure to share (:"

In March, Jeff Davis, the executive producer of the show, said that Christian's character could make a comeback. "I think he got his just desserts in the end, but I will say that we really like Cody Christian. We wanted to make sure we didn't kill him, so we could possibly bring him back," Davis told TVLine.

Talking about the season 6 storyline, Davis said. "We're big fans of genre in the writer's room. With Season 5b we said, "This is going to be a monster movie." With Season 6 we have a very clear idea that it's going to be a ghost story."

MTVs' Teen Wolf season 6 premiere date is yet to be announced but the show is expected to air sometime in June.