A teenage boy in Hyderabad, India, jumped off the 5th floor of his apartment building to kill himself after 3 college professors allegedly thrashed him in class - Representational image Reuters

A teenage boy studying in a college in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad attempted to kill himself on Monday (11 September) after he was allegedly beaten up by his college professors. College authorities, however, have denied the allegations.

V Sanjay, 17, jumped off the 5th floor of his residential building and sustained multiple fractures. He is currently in a critical condition in a hospital.

Before taking the extreme step, Sanjay reportedly told his father that he was ending his life to escape humiliation in the college. He accused three college professors of thrashing him badly in the class for scribbling something on his study desk.

"He came back at around 6.30pm [2pm BST] and straight away went to the fifth floor of our apartment. He called me at 6.40pm and told me that he was jumping. Before we could do anything, he had taken the extreme step," Manik Prabhu, Sanjay's father told The Times of India.

"Before jumping, he told me that he was beaten black and blue by three lecturers in the college because he had scribbled something on the benches of his classroom. He said he felt humiliated and decided to end his life," Prabhu added.

Sanjay is reportedly pursuing Biologically Inspired Process Calculi at Sri Gayatri Junior College in Champapet near Hyderabad.

College authorities refuted the parent's claims saying that the messages scribbled on Sanjay's desk were obscene. They also said that he was only asked to tell his father to meet the college principal the next day.

In his complaint to the police, Sanjay reportedly said that one of his classmates saw him scribbling obscene texts about a girl in the class and alerted the teacher, who took him to the principal. He said the principal slapped him and told him to get his parents to college the next day.

Police have registered a case against the principal and two other college professors based on the boy's complaint.

Meanwhile, Sanjay's family is demanding Rs 1,500,000 (£17,597, $23,441) in damages from the college, but college authorities have only offered to pay for his medical expenses.