An allegedly drunken mob of teenagers were caught on camera in what witnesses claim was a violent attack on a woman in front of young children as they wailed in distress.

The incident, which happened in Middlesbrough's Albert Park at around 6:20pm on 1 June, can be seen in footage posted to Snapchat and unearthed by the Middlesbrough Gazette.

In the video, the alleged victim's hair is being pulled by one of the teenagers as two others grapple with her.

A witness told the local paper that the group of teenagers appeared drunk. What motivated the apparent attack is unknown but Cleveland Police are aware and investigating.

The woman - who onlookers thought was related to the crying children, possibly their mother - has not come forward to police as a victim.

"Thankfully I don't think the woman was badly hurt," an unnamed witness told the newspaper. "But if that was her children it happened in front of, then your heart goes out to them."

Middlesbrough teenage attack
A still from the video of teenagers allegedly attacking a woman in Middlesbrough