Australian tennis star Bernard Tomic was involved in a standoff with police after being fined for traffic violations twice in two hours.

Australian media report that police tried to pull over the 19-year-old, who did not stop but continued to drive his high-powered sports car back to his home in Southport on the Gold Coast.

Two officers went to Tomic's house to speak with him, at which point the teenager sought legal advice, saying he wanted to submit a complaint against the police.

Police said two traffic infringement notices had been issued to Tomic relating to the conditions of his licence.

The teenager is still on a probationary driving licence, but has received exemption to drive the high-performance car to and from training and other activities related to his tennis.

Tomic said he had done nothing wrong.

In a brief interview with Australian television station Channel 7, he claimed police "wanted to hit me".

He also said police were acting in a threatening manner.

"They gave me three today - tickets - and one police officer says he wants to hit me and it's not a good feeling.

"It all happens in a day, Australia Day, and I'm just trying to have fun with my mate."

Tomic's father, John, claimed police were targeting his son. He confronted police officers at the house and accused them of "un-Australian" actions, the Courier-Mail reported.

"I can guarantee this police [officer] here is lying here, this is not fair," he told the television station.

Tomic's lawyer, Lex Bell, confirmed he was representing Tomic on the matter.

"Bernard is my client. He feels he is guiltless in the whole matter," he said.

"I am doing my best to ensure a happy outcome for him."

Tomic was investigated over complaints of reckless driving in December. The teenager denied the claims, arguing he was the victim of a vendetta by a Gold Coast police officer.

He said at the time the police officer who accused him of reckless driving had told him he wanted to put him in the newspapers.

Tomic said he had been driving to training and had not been breaking the law.

Tomic, who was competing at the Australian Open tennis tournament, was knocked out in his fourth-round match against Roger Federer earlier this week.