John Connor in Terminator 5
Jason Clarke as John Connor in Terminator Genisys Paramount Pictures

The second full trailer of Terminator Genisys has revealed some crucial twists in the movie.

John Connor, traditionally the leader of the human rebellion against the robotic overlords of Skynet, is most likely to be some kind of cyborg in Genisys.

In a scene he described himself as "Not machine... not man... I'm more," while displaying a robotic exoskeleton and regeneration abilities.

"Survival is what you taught me," he tells his mother, teasing that he adapted himself in order to survive in the future.

According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, Genisys will lean away from the usual robot versus human storyline of its past sequels. Although it is impossible to assume that John Connor will be easily compromised by Skynet, perhaps the program just copied his features in order to deter Sarah, Kyle, and The Guardian from completely terminating him.

Connor is a man-machine hybird?

The website speculates that John Connor could be the forerunner for a new breed of hybrids that will push the former enemies together for the next movie. The hybrids could be the focus of the franchise going forward, as terminator 6 has been confirmed.

Jason Clarke, who will play John Connor in Terminator Genisys, has provided further insight about his character, and confirmed that he will defy expectations.

The Australian actor told Entertainment Weekly: "He's full of possibilities now that he's not fully machine, not fully human. He's something else. He's still evolving. There are still surprises to what exactly John is ultimately. Is he controllable or not? He's the last throw of the dice by Skynet and he is something that is a lot more than we've ever seen by nobody really knows just where it can go."

The trailer also gives fans the first look at an epic old T-800 vs New T-800 fight scene.

Terminator 5
Arnold Schwarzenegger first appearance as T-800 in 1984 Terminator movie. Paramount pictures

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who reprises his role as a T-800, dished on the amazing action scene.

Schwarzenegger told Slash Film: I know that we have to outdo T2 (Terminator 2) The director knows that. The producers know it. The studio knows it. I think everyone is in sync with that, that, visual effects-wise, we have to outdo the second one, because it was so far ahead of its time."

"So that's the idea, to come out with a movie with a big bang and to entertain audiences all around the world," the actor added.