When Somprasong Srithongkhum failed to return to his home from the fields on Friday, his family went looking for him. Upon finding his dog sitting and whimpering beside a pond, the family suspected the worst. Police divers combed the pond and discovered the body of the drowned man.

Srithongkhum a 56-year-old farmer from Chanthaburi, Thailand had gone out to his fields on Friday morning. Every morning, the family members go out to collect rubber. However, the night before his death, Srithongkhum had called his cousin to inform her that he was unwell. Apart from collecting rubber, the farmer also had to turn on sprinklers to water their durian plants in the morning.

Srithongkhum's cousin, Somporn, came over to his house to check on him. By the time she had come, Srithongkhum had gone out to turn on the sprinkler system. Somporn waited for a while for her cousin to return. The family started to panic when the man took longer than usual to return from his morning chore.

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Somporn went looking for her cousin at the nearby pond where the sprinkler system drew water. Srithongkhum had left his house with his six-year-old dog, Mhee. Somporn was sure something was wrong when she found Mhee sitting beside the pond next to Srithongkhum's sandals and torch.

Mhee had been whimpering and patiently waiting for her master to return after being commanded to wait for him. The Mirror shared Somporn's statement which said that she "found Mhee sitting next to his sandals like he was ordered to wait for someone." The fact that Mhee was waiting and whimpering hinted that something had gone terribly wrong.

Since Srithongkhum was not visible near his pet, Somporn alerted the police. The police dive team found the man's body after searching the area for just 10 minutes. The family and the police do not suspect foul play. Evidence hint that after telling Mhee to wait for him, Srithongkhum had gone to switch on the sprinkler. He might have slipped and fallen into the water. Being unwell, Srithongkhum was unable to swim back to land resulting in his death.