An opinion piece is dividing the internet due to its controversial message that yoga pants are only worn for vanity.

In a piece entitled 'Why Yoga Pants Are Bad', Honor Jones wrote in The New York Times that: "We aren't wearing these workout clothes because they're cooler or more comfortable... We're wearing them because they're sexy.

"Now we've internalised the idea that we have to look hot at the gym? Give me a break. The gym is one of the few places where we're supposed to be able to focus on how our bodies feel, not just on how they look. We need to remember that."

Jones also points to the booming health and fitness industry in the US which she claims is propelled by women spending disproportionate amounts of money on it than men.

The success of the 'wellness' market is something that is mirrored in the UK - this industry accounts for £21.4b with estimations to grow to £22.8b by 2020, according to Statista. Whether this is down more to women or men is unclear.

With this in mind, numerous women tweeted their frustrations about the article and especially the fact that a woman was shaming other women for their clothing choices.

One person said: "'It's not good manners for women to tell other women how to dress, and yet Honor uses another several hundred words to do just that in this piece. Is this really making or breaking women's success? If so, then look within at that problem. This is a waste of space."

Another person said: "Okay @nytimes 1) I am sure you had your pick of thoughtful opinion pieces for this Sunday's edition...and this was your choice? 2) Women writing op-eds about other women's sartorial choices is bad for women 3) You can have my yoga pants when you pry them from my cold dead booty."

Others were quick to point out the inaccuracy in Jones' argument too.

One person argued: "As someone who has practised yoga for years, it's unbelievable that you think we wear yoga pants because they're "sexy?!" We wear them because they allow us to manoeuvre in ways other clothing doesn't. Alternatively, seeing if you aren't in the proper position is just as important."

Another said: "[sic] Yoga is really hard to do in sweatpants because the loose fabric moves around and can actually injure you if you're in a pose and your pants slip."

Another said: "Sweatpants with loose ankle cuffs would fall down to your knee every time you put your legs in the air. Sweatpants with tight cuffs might work, but still tend to pull down in the back when you bend forward. How is either situation better for yoga than yoga pants?"

Others felt they should simply advocate for yoga pants.

Either way it seems that the internet is in agreement for once that no one should ever undermine yoga pants.