• Prime Minister spotted wearing bracelet of ardent Mexican communist
  • Speech also featured p45 stunts, falling letters and coughs

Following one of most unfortunate incident-heavy political speeches in recent memory, you'd expect there be nothing more to mine from Theresa May's keynote appearance at the Tory Party conference. First she accepted her P45 onstage from serial prankster Simon Brodkin, jokingly delivered on request of Boris Johnson, then the prime minister suffered an ill-timed coughing fit before nearly losing her voice entirety.

After all that, May's world continued to fall part around her as the letters from the latest Conservative slogan 'Building a country that works for everyone' began drop off the stage behind her.

But throughout all this, eagle-eyed viewers were able to spot that throughout May was wearing a bracelet of Frida Kahlo, the Mexican artist famous for her self-portraits.

As well as being one of the most famous painters ever to have existed, Kahlo is also seen as one of the 20th century's key feminist and civil rights icons.

Unfortunately for May and arguably her party, she is also an ardent communist who once even had a brief affair with Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky.

It was after joining the Mexican Communist Party in 1927 that she met her husband and fellow artists Diego Rivera. A year later, Rivera painted The Arsenal, which shows Kahlo dressed in red handing out weapons to soldiers during the Mexican revolution.

As noted by the New York Times, Kahlo's final public appearance before her death was a meeting to show support of the ousted regime of Communist- backed President Jacobo Arbenz Guzman of Guatemala.

Following her death on 13 July 1954 aged 47, her coffin was draped in the Communist flag for her funeral.

Social media users were keen to pint out the irony of a Tory party leader wearing a bracelet of a leftist icon to make a speech was meant to signal the start of a comeback for the under fire PM following a turbulent few months.

During the parts of the speech that went to plan, May apologised to the party for June's election results which saw the Tories fail to win a majority despite dominating the polls just a few weeks beforehand.

She described how her campaign "fell short" of what was needed, saying it was "too scripted and too presidential." She added: "I hold my hands up for that. I take responsibility. I led the campaign. And I am sorry."

Frida Kahlo
The Frida Kahlo bracelet worn by Theresa may during her speech Getty