A mysterious light flashes and moves across a window in what has been cited as the latest spooky occurrence at Britain's 'most haunted pub.'

The mysterious incident was captured on video by a Portuguese tourist outside the Ye Olde Man and Plough pub, in Bolton.

In the footage, the upstairs right window glows as if illuminated by light from an untraceable source.

The tourist who captured the footage was telling the camera about the tavern's eerie reputation at the time.

He also mentioned the "crazy cider" on sale inside the tavern, which can make drinkers at Britain's most haunted pub extremely drunk.

Pub manager Tony Dooley, 36, claimed the latest paranormal sighting at the pub was bad news - because it happened in his own room.

He said: "I'm not too happy about it. That's my flat behind the window. My attitude before I became the manager nine months ago was not to believe in ghosts. I'm convinced now."

It is almost impossible to completely explain the occurrence from the video, but might one explanation be that the moving light was the reflection of a vehicle travelling along the street, out of shot?

The noise of a passing engine is audible in the background when the flashes appear on the pub window.

The Ye Olde Man and Plough pub proudly states on the building's facade: 'Rebuilt 1636' - no doubt to harness the latest architectural innovations of the period.