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Imagine a role that entails travelling across the United States, testing and reviewing pools available for rent, and even organising pool parties. The cherry on top? A lucrative compensation package worth up to $100,000! This dream job is offered by Swimply, a platform that allows individuals to rent private pools, hot tubs, and other spaces, akin to an Airbnb for pools.

"Our inaugural Chief Pools Officer will pool their skills to help us discover and share the best aquatic escapes nestled in America's backyards," said Derek Callow, Swimply's CEO, in a statement provided to Travel + Leisure.

The compensation package for the Chief Pools Officer role is highly competitive. It includes a $50,000 base payment to cover the individual's work, travel expenses, and essentials like floaties and road trip snacks. Additionally, performance bonuses of up to $50,000 are based on content engagement and the number of pools visited. This is a unique opportunity to travel, enjoy pools, and create engaging content – all while getting paid!

Responsibilities and Perks

Smiling people in pool
(Photo by Kindel Media/ Pexels)

The Chief Pools Officer's responsibilities include documenting their experiences on social media, creating captivating Instagram Reels, TikToks, and YouTube vlogs. Additionally, the CPO will host pop-up pool parties, curate expert guides and "Best of" lists for Swimply's website, and act as a general Swimply representative on the road. Above all, the most essential duty is to "have fun."

Potential candidates must apply by booking a Swimply pool near them and creating a video resume showcasing their expertise. Applicants must post the video on social media, tagging @swimply and using the hashtag #SwimplyDreamJob. Top applicants will be selected for interviews based on content quality, passion for pools, and social media engagement. Submissions are open until June 15. More information about the role can be found on Swimply's website at

About Swimply

Founded in 2018, Swimply has rapidly gained popularity by offering a unique service catering to people looking for private and convenient swimming options. With the rise of the sharing economy, Swimply provides an innovative solution for homeowners to monetise their pools and for renters to enjoy exclusive access to private pools without long-term commitment. This unique business model sets Swimply apart from its competitors.