If you're afraid of heights – look away now. A video posted by the luxury residential building in Houston, Texas, shows the feet of someone standing in the rooftop, glass-bottomed swimming pool 42 floors up from the ground.

The Market Square Tower posted the dizzying footage on Facebook, which shows someone walking to the edge and appearing to step off the side of the building directly over the street below.

Dubbed the "Sky Pool", the luxury residential tower offers brave swimmers the chance to walk 10 feet beyond the side of the pool, protected by eight-inch think plexiglass.

For those afraid of heights, there's another pool on the fourth-floor terrace. The building also offers a poker suite, indoor basketball court and a cinema, as well as a spa and a virtual golf simulator.

The pool has had a mixed reaction, with some thrillseekers keen to give the pool a try.

"I want to check this out someday soon," one Instagram user wrote. Another wrote: "Love this. Which is weird because I'm afraid of heights!"

"Gimmicky, but cool. I'd hate to walk under it," another user wrote.

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