This Is Us
NBC's new show This Is Us revolves around three storylines with a common thread. NBC

This Is Us fall finale, titled Last Christmas, ended with a major emotional cliffhanger that has fans hooked till the show returns with new episodes on 10 January 2017. Episode 10 took a toll with Toby's unexpected health concerns. And if Milo Ventimiglia's words are to be believed, the heartbreak gets even worse in episode 11, titled The Right Thing To Do.

In case you missed out This Is Us season 1 episode 10 and its heartbreaking cliffhanger, watch the episode live online on the official website of NBC.

This Is Us had fans in tears when it revealed the sad fate of Rebecca's marriage following the death of Jack. And, now Ventimiglia teases that it would be further devastating when fans find out how Jack actually meets his doomed fate in second half of season 1.

"It's going to hurt," the 39-year-old actor told Entertainment Tonight at GQ's Men of the Year event adding, "It's going to hurt real bad!" While the unfortunate death won't be shown anytime soon in the NBC series, but when the scene is aired, it's "going to crush you," the actor assured.

"I think [Jack's death] going to be a ways off," Ventimiglia said, "You're going to forget about it, you're going to get wrapped up in the lives of Jack and Rebecca and the big three, and then when you've forgotten that he's gone, we're going to hit you with it and it's going to crush you."

While Ventimiglia teased the fate of his character, his co-star Justin Hartley – who plays the often misunderstood Kevin Pearson – had answers on the sad finale that showed Toby collapsing on Christmas Eve. "I can tease the fact that you will find out right away what happens to him. It's not like we're going to drag it out and all that, so you find out right away what happens to him," Hartley promised.

As it seems, the sudden turn of events related to Toby (played by Chris Sullivan) will be life-altering for all the people involved in the upcoming chapters.

"Nobody wants him to be dead! Especially Kate. So we're praying for Toby, that's for sure," Chrissy Metz, who plays Toby's love interest Kate Pearson in the show said. "They just finally made an agreement to really, truly love each other... It just goes to show how quickly life can change and things can turn and you really have to be grateful for every moment; you really do."

Indeed NBC's This Is Us has broken hearts with its unexpected twists and heartbreaking deaths of beloved character(s). So much so, that Hartley compared the misfortunes to that of a far shocking HBO show Game Of Thrones.

This Is Us returns to NBC on 10 January.