A man and a woman have been arrested and are being questioned by Greater Manchester Police after three 12-year-old girls were hospitalised when they took a form of ecstasy known as "Teddy Tablets" in Salford.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Walker from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said: "Sadly, three more young people, who are only 12-years-old, have taken ecstasy and ended up in hospital. The girls took a type of ecstasy called 'Teddy Tablets'. It is imperative young people understand the implications and avoid taking drugs, to stop any more young people ending up in hospital."

There have been a spate of similar incidents involving variations of ecstasy (MDMA) in the Greater Manchester area recently.

In May 2016 a 17-year-old girl died after taking a 'Mastercard' ecstasy tab. Two 21-year-old women were rushed to hospital after taking a tab in the shape of a Lego brick and a 16-year-old boy was in a critical condition after taking another variant called 'Rockstar'. In 2014, 50 people died in the UK alone after taking the drug.

Quoted by the Manchester Evening News, DCI Walker said: "If anyone is in possession of these tablets, or other drugs, I would urge you to hand in to police, a chemist, or other medical practitioner immediately. Police will now be investigating how the girls got hold of these class A drugs and who supplied them.

"Let this be a warning to anyone supplying Class A drugs to young people, and in this case children, you are ruining lives. We will catch you and the full force of the law will be brought down on you."