Three men accused of being members of al-Qaeda have been arrested in Norway for plotting terrorist attacks.

AP reports that both American and Norwegian officials confirmed the arrests of the men who had been under surveillance for the last year.

All three men are accused of making peroxide bombs to be used in a terrorist attack. However it is not yet clear what their target was or even if they had chosen a target.

Yesterday in the U.S. five men were charged with plotting to bomb the Metro system in New York using peroxide bombs. The plot was uncovered last September and is believed to be connected with the Norwegian arrests and to another plot to bomb Manchester in Britain.

One of the suspects in the New York case, Mr Najibullah Zazi, has already pleaded guilty. Another of the men, Abid Naseer, was arrested in north east England and is currently a target of extradition by the U.S.

The U.S. Department of Justice said in a statement, "The charges reveal that the plot... was directed by senior Al-Qaeda leadership in Pakistan."