Tinder mobile dating app
Tinder is ranked 65th in the US iOS store Tinder

Tinder has released an update for its iOS app, enabling users to upload profile pictures and send GIF messages from the phone, besides hitting 'like' or tapping messages. It also allows peek-and-pop in chat links.

To enable animated GIFs, the dating app uses the GIF reservoir Giphy. With this update, users can tap the GIF button in the box and the app will list the trending GIFs. Users can also search for GIF on a particular topic.

Whereas earlier users had to log into their Facebook accounts to change profile pictures on Tinder, the update allows them to upload the photos stored in the phone's camera roll. That meant users had to first upload a photo on Facebook and then upload it to Tinder, and in many cases, delete it from Facebook, involving multiple steps.

The peek-and-pop in chat links feature has been introduced exclusively for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models. Using 3D touch in the phone, users can open web pages by tapping 3D links within the conversations.

Other features in the update include 'like' messages and larger emojis. A user can like a particular message in a conversation thread, and the match will receive a notification. Also, Tinder has increased the size of standalone emojis.

Launched in 2012, Tinder is a dating and matchmaking app. It is available in Apple's App store and Android's Play Store. It claims a user base of over a billion and 26 million matches every day. App Annie, an app analytics platform, ranks Tinder at 65th in the US iOS store, while it tops the ranking in the lifestyle category.