Top S Pen apps for Galaxy Note 4
Tips to optimise Galaxy Note 4’s battery life endurance

The Galaxy Note 4 is a power-packed smartphone with bright QHD display, Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor and loads of Android features crunching up every ounce of juice from its 3220mAh battery.

Though users may try turning off a few options from the settings menu, it may not always be sufficient to save the battery power as there are a bunch of hidden tricks to enhance the battery life of the smartphone.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help optimise the performance of the battery of your Galaxy Note 4 or its endurance:

Disable unused battery-draining apps and processes

Some apps might kill the battery life of your phone much faster than expected, as they often interrupt the low-power state of the phone and keep the battery in active mode instead of letting the device enter sleep mode.

You can easily identify the offending apps from Settings > Battery menu, by checking out which apps are draining the battery most and then disable them to see if there is any gain in the battery-life status.

Sometimes, updating an app via the App settings menu could prove to be the clincher.

Reduce screen brightness

Turning down the screen brightness is one of the most critical steps that you can take to increase the battery life of the device by a notch.

You can consider turning off automatic brightness and also reducing the screen timeout from display settings. However, you should beware that turning off screen brightness will also disable the high-brightness sunlight mode.

Qi charging back for wireless charging

Qi wireless charging feature can be added to your phone by installing Samsung's replacement back covers, which are available in S-View Flip Cover style and also in stock variant.

The stock variant of back cover is a bit thicker than the original case installed on your phone and this could mess with the other case on your phone.

The Qi wireless charging feature brings fast charging capability to the custom back covers from Samsung and removes the need to carry a wired charger wherever you go.

The Samsung S-View wireless charging cover for Note 4 is available for $59.95 (click here to buy) and the stock wireless charging back cover for $29.95 (click here to buy).

Keep adaptive fast charger handy for quick-charging

The OEM charger or the one shipped by the phone maker often delivers fast-charging capabilities in comparison to third-party options that tend to be slow due to charge leakage while battery-charging.

Any charger that complies with Qualcomm's quick charge technology like the Motorola Turbo Charger could be used to fully charge the Note 4 in the shortest possible time, as the smartphone supports this technology.

Tip: Always allow the battery to drain 80% of the charge before you attempt re-charging it, as this will prolong the durability of your battery, besides increasing the charging efficiency to a considerable extent.

Replacement battery or spare battery for emergency backup

Carrying a spare or replacement battery has been the norm for power-hungry users who expect to get their work done instantly without having to wait for the battery to charge up from 0 to 100.

Samsung offers a cool solid plastic case to store both your second battery and the charger together, just in case you need that extra charge if the spare battery runs out of juice.

Get the extra 3220mAh battery-charging system for Note 4 from here, for $37.95.

[Source: Android Central]