Police tape
Animal carcasses were found in the house too Getty

A 21-month-old girl has died after she stopped breathing inside an Ohio home that contained the carcasses of 16 animals.

Police in the state confirmed that the victim was identified as toddler Arez Marie Isabella Schrodi who lived in the Dayton area.

The coroner's office in Montgomery County declined to say if an autopsy had been carried out yet or if the cause of death had been confirmed.

Police went to the property on 5 August after receiving a 911 call from the girl's grandparents, who found her unresponsive. CPR was performed on the child at around 1am as medics arrived on the scene.

The toddler was removed from the house on South Torrence Street and was taken to the nearby Dayton Children's Hospital. Sadly, she later died.

After the visit, officials raised concerns about "cleanliness issues" in the property, according to WPXI news.

Mark Kumpf, executive director of the Animal Resource Center, said there were 16 dead animals removed from the home, where only three animals were found alive.

The dead animals included 15 snakes and one cat. The surviving animals include a four-foot boa constrictor-type snake and a rabbit. Both were taken to the humane society. The Animal Resource Center took in a shar pei mix dog.

Police and social services are continuing to investigate the incident.