Update 2: The PS4 log-in issues has been resolved.

UPDATE: The PS4 login issue has now been resolved. Thank you for your patience.

— The Division (@TheDivisionGame) March 15, 2016

Update: Ubisoft updated players to say the maintenance had concluded shortly before 11am GMT, but numerous PS4 users have since reported problems logging into the game. Ubisoft say the problem is under investigation.

We are aware of log in issues for PS4 players leading to Delta errors. This is under investigation.

— The Division (@TheDivisionGame) March 15, 2016

Original Story: Tom Clancy's The Division will be going offline for three hours this morning as Ubisoft carries out its weekly server maintenance. The PS4, Xbox One and PC game will be out of action from 8am (4am EDT, 1am PDT) for an estimated three hours.

Those wanting to keep an eye out on updates about the maintenance, including whether there will be any delays in the game coming back online, can follow the updates in this thread on the Ubisoft forums for The Division.

Despite some early hiccups on launch day Ubisoft's persistent online game has been in decent health, but most players will have found themselves unable to connect to the servers at some point or another. Such problems come hand in hand with a game like The Division, but maintenance will try and help keep that to a minimum.

Exactly what problems Ubisoft's developers are hoping to address during the maintenance haven't been addressed by the team but any update released during or following this time will offer some insight into any changes being brought in.

The Division launched one week ago and so far has proved a big success for Ubisoft – crushing company records and proving a hit with fans. The game takes place in a desolate New York City following the outbreak of a virus that has caused the collapse of the US government. Players take up roles as agents of The Division, hoping to bring order back to the city as rioters and criminal gangs roam the streets.

The game's online nature means players are able to tackle any missions or roam New York's streets in a team of up to four, or play solo. A second part of the map, called the Dark Zone, introduces player versus player (PVP) in the area where players are most likely to find the game's best items, weapons and gear.

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