Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise arrives during a photo call for The Mummy at World Square on May 23, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. Getty

Among the several controversies involving Hollywood star Tom Cruise, the latest one about his bum – or like the internet is claiming, 'fake butt' – is outright the most hilarious theory. The discussion on Cruise's rear-end began after an eagle-eyed fan posted a photo from his 2008 thriller Valkyrie on Twitter.

Focusing particularly on the 55-year-old actor's back, the picture appeared to be from a scene in the movie, where Cruise is seen stumbling on his hands and knees with his butt facing the camera.

Alongside the image was written, "Hello, please, I present the theory that for one single shot in Valkyrie (2008), at 5:12, Tom Cruise wears a fake butt. Observe."

And speaking of butts, just the mere mention of Cruise supposedly filling out his pants with artificial padding was enough to send his fans crazy on Twitter. From Sir Mix-a-Lot jokes to references of social media's other favourite, the Kardashians, the range of reactions on the post was as creative as possible.

"He does his own stunts, people wear ass pads all the time, but it's the sheer extremity of the rump's robustness that jacks this up," one Twitter user wrote.

"Hahahhah so ridiculous. I wonder if that really is a fake ass. It looks plump as hell," joked a second viewer.

Another Twitter user went on to draw a hilarious comparison, cheekily writing, "Tommy Minaj".

"Pretty sure that is a real butt wearing a fake Tom Cruise," someone else shared, adding to the round of speculation and the "butt" jokes on social media. As Cruise gradually became the butt of all Twitter jokes over his allegedly fake bum, some viewers got all imaginative with their response.

"In that I didn't have a natural response to it, I'd say padded. It might be a Scientology thing. Maybe loop in Leah Remini?" read one comment.

Sharing an incredibly hilarious GIF, another user wrote, "Valkyries are known for their butts"