Tom Holland goes into self-isolation as a precaution after he tells his fans that he feels ill and shows signs of coughing although he is unsure if he has COVID-19.

The "Spider-Man: Far From Home" star took to his Instagram on Saturday to tells his fans that he is not feeling great. He shared that he "felt fine yesterday and then this morning" he woke up feeling "awful" and coughing.

"I'm feeling really ill today. I don't think I have the coronavirus, but I'm taking extra precautions. I'm self-isolating inside," Holland said on an Instagram Live video reshared on Twitter.

The 23-year old said a similar message on Sunday, where he began by clearing his throat before telling his fans that he is "not feeling great." But he wanted to say hi amid his self-isolation.

"I woke up feeling really not really well, but I'm going to try to be a little bit more present on my Instagram during this time because I have nothing else to do," Holland said, adding that he would be home all day since he knows that he should not be out.

"I love you all, miss you all, going to do a puzzle today with my family. We're going to have this puzzle war, we all have this same puzzle," he continued.

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— Tom Holland News (@THollandNews) March 22, 2020

Holland's post has since received different reactions from netizens. Fans shared their hopes that he gets well soon, and some even commented that they will find a cure for him if he does have COVID-19.

"Tom Holland woke up this morning not feeling well. I will come up with a cure for Covid if he has it," one fan wrote and another said, "Imagine the amount of people freaking out because Tom Holland was sick on his Insta story."

Meanwhile, others noticed how the actor tried to make light of his situation by showing his quirky sense of humour. On his Instagram stories, he also told his fans that he bought a chicken because the stores ran out of eggs.

tom holland is trending rn because he bought the chickens ajshsjajw

— em🕷🍒 (@thollandaya) March 22, 2020

Holland is doing good by going into self-isolation even though he does not know if he has COVID-19. Symptoms of the disease, including dry cough, fever, and fatigue, can manifest in 1-14 days.

Tom Holland
Tom Holland feels ill and goes into self-isolation amid the COVID-19 pandemic. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni