In our bi-weekly analysis on the best paid and free apps for the iPhone, IBTimes UK lists out 10 of the new apps and games for the iPhone, which have been released during the first two weeks of July 2014.

Mighty Adventure (£0.69 + IAP)

While there might be thousands of platformer and runner games, very few of them have a distinct personality of their own that's worth celebrating. The game is based on a vibrant virtual world, which you can traverse with three characters, all of whom have different powers.

Take Creative Vocal Recorder (Free)

Remember Propellerhead Software? The people who have made professional music-making software like ReBirth. Take is a creative recorder for musicians and is extremely simple to use. It has the ability to record harmonies along with your voice, blend in effects to sweeten the sound and sing along to an array of beats and rhythms. Think of it as a sketchpad for musical ideas.

Astropolo (£1.99)

Astropolo is the perfect download for children, who are awestruck by the world beyond the stars. Treat them to a space-themed collection of mini-games from developer Les Trois Elles. Thanks to the cute papercut graphics and an easy-to-learn control scheme, Astropolo is an essential download for kids aged 4-8.

Line Webtoon (Free)

Most of you might have heard of LINE, the popular messaging app from Japan. Well, LINE Webtoon happens to be from the same family and is an app for downloading and reading free digital comics. Even though the comics are of Japanese origin, they're translated into English.

Ingress (Free)

After a succesul run on Android, Ingress has finally (and surprisingly) landed on iOS. It happens to be an immersive massively-multiplayer game that requires players to explore the world around them in search of energy and objects in the game. There's a nice story, fun elements and lots of mystery to be had.

Watercolors (Free + IAP)

A "mind-painting puzzle" game that involves dabbling with a bunch of different colors through a variety of modes including Time Trial and more. The game even allows you to take on friends on Game Center.

Overcast: Podcast Player (Free)

Looking for a simple, yet feature packed podcast player? This app might be the right pick for you. Loaded with features like as Smart Speed, Voice Boost, and Smarter Playlists to help you listen to more podcasts in more places, the app also helps users discover new shows, and completely customize their experience. Note: Some features are locked or limited.

Nike Football (Free)

For a long time now, Nika and its rivals have been trying hard to establish themselves as strong supporters of everything related to the sport of Football. With that in mind, the brand continues with more football-related initiatives. What does the app contain? Info on products, interviews with footballers, and some group messaging features that include emoji and more.

Letter Hero - Heroic Word Building

Are you a word game aficionado? Do you enjoy showing off your vocabulary and spelling skills? Then here's a glorious app for you that shall make for fun play when at the bus stop, on the train, standing in line, or before a meeting.

Hook'd - Video Music Messaging (Free+IAP)

Hook'd is a social music app that turns the camera on your voice. Whether you (or your alter ego) shout, whisper, dance, yodel or rap - Hook'd is there for the moments in life that need more than just words.