The December issue of Town and Country has been a popular topic of discussion online this morning. It seems the lifestyle publication's piece 'How rich is too rich?' didn't go down too well with Twitter users.

One person asked: "how deluded, shallow, separated from reality, materialistic, egotistical and living in a bad taste bubble to you have to be to produce this?!", whilst another argued it was the worst article ever written.

Town and Country magazine is a monthly American publication that focuses on 'luxury style', 'society', 'travel' and 'leisure'.

Twitter user Nicole Cliffe shared more images including a page of the article's pullquote: "You get a rush from that first beach house, that first Picasso. But then you realise you're not enjoying it - you're a janitor to the stuff".

Another page featured jewellery priced at over $36,000.

Most people were just confused as to who actually would read the article.

Vanity Fair came under similar ridicule in January this year when the Mexican edition featured an image of Melania Trump appearing to eat expensive jewellery.

The image was shared while her husband President Donald Trump made plans to build a border wall between the US and Mexico, leading to widespread anger at its timing and tone.