Donald Trump's Senior Adviser Jason Miller is telling Meghan Markle to start respecting Queen Elizabeth II just days after Time magazine named her as one of the most influential persons in the world.

The political adviser thinks that the Duchess of Sussex "should have more respect for the institution of the Royals." He told The Sun, "I think that when you marry into the Royal family there's a certain sense of decorum that I think that you're signing up for that you need to check some of your thoughts and ambitions at the door." He believes that the "number one rule of being a Royal is don't disrespect the Queen" and added, "I think that when you have the Queen you have to be respectful of the queen."

Miller, CEO of free speech social media network GETTR, thinks that Meghan Markle is trying to put her reputation above the British monarchy even though she is married to Prince Harry. This is probably why she does not fully have the support of the public because she is trying to push and fight for her own interests.

"I think when you position yourself in a way that is elevating your own interests above the families or the crowns, then it seems that that's probably not going to meet a receptive audience," he noted.

Miller's observations on the former "Suits" star comes after she and Prince Harry made it to the front cover of Time 100 as one of this year's most influential people in the world. Even the glossy photo did not escape criticism from those who found their appearance heavily airbrushed. There were also those who noted that the Duchess of Sussex's poses in the pictures seem to show that she has more power in the relationship.

Meanwhile, the Duke of Sussex reportedly looked awkward as if he was forced to participate in the shoot. In one picture, he has his hands in his pockets while on the front cover, he appears to hang awkwardly on his wife's shoulder with netizens likening him to a "handbag."

As for Miller, he once revealed that Trump had called Meghan Markle "no good" after her Oprah interview. The former U.S. president had also labeled her "nasty" back in March and said Prince Harry needs all the luck he can get with her as his wife.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth II