During a press briefing in the White House on Wednesday, United States President Donald Trump addressed the incident involving US intelligence agent's wife Anne Sacoolas. Sacoolas fled to the US after running over 19-year-old Harry Dunn. Trump supported Sacoolas by claiming that Americans driving on the wrong side in the United Kingdom is something that "happens." Photographs of the president's notes show that the US has no intention of paying heed to Boris Johnson's request for Sacoolas' return to the UK.

When Johnson called Trump to request the US to deny diplomatic immunity to Sacoolas, Trump promised that he would "find a way forward." However, it seems that Trump will not be taking any steps to ensure that Sacoolas receives any punishment for her actions.

Trump said that Americans often get confused when driving in Britain and can end up driving on the wrong side of the road. The president avoided giving any concrete solution. He stated that the incident was an unfortunate accident and that the US government would be getting in touch with Sacoolas to discuss the matter. Trump even stated that he made similar driving errors when driving in the UK.

US Pesident Donald Trump

A Washington Post photographer tweeted images of the briefing notes given to Trump.

The notes prompted Trump to say that the US government would not force Sacoolas to return to the UK. It also stated that Sacoolas could choose to cooperate with British authorities based on the advice from her legal counsel. A third point was obscured by Trump's finger. The staff photographer captured the image as Trump was putting the paper into his pocket.

However, during the press address, Trump chose to steer away from the notes and improvise his response.

Speaking to Sky News, Charlotte Charles, Dunn's mother, showed her disappointment. She was upset at Trump for making fake promises to Johnson, when the US government had already decided to protect the perpetrator.

Sacoolas, the wife of a Central Intelligence Agency operative, was driving on the wrong side of the road when she ran over Dunn on his motorbike. After the incident, Sacoolas fled to the US under the protection of diplomatic immunity.

Dunn's parents will soon be flying to the US, with hopes of meeting Sacoolas to hear what she has to say. The couple will also be hiring lawyers in both the UK and the US to file a civil case against Sacoolas.