CCTV footage captured the moment a Kurdish bookshop in Turkey's Kireshir Province was attacked and set on fire in an ethnically motivated attack by Turkish nationalists.

The video, obtained by RT, shows the small group of Turkish men entering the shop as a crowd waits outside. The attackers pull down displays and throw piles of books to the floor as more join the fray. At the end of the 1:45 second clip smoke can be seen billowing from an entrance to the shop previously unseen; the blaze appears to have been started from the outside.

Tensions between Turkish communities and ethnic Kurds have reignited in Turkey as Kurdish fighters have formed a vanguard in the fight against the Islamic State (Isis). Prior to rise of IS in Syria, a rapprochement had been in the works to resolve 40-years of Turkey-PKK conflict.

However, Turkey's war against Kurds in Syria and particularly their indifference to the suffering of Kurds in Kobane, has led to a backlash. Politically, the Kurds have abandoned Turkey's ruling AK party returning to the moderate pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party and the radical Kurdistan's Worker's Party (PKK).