Every year our Instagram feeds and shopping baskets become laden with the latest food trends, superfood or health booster and whilst some are still mulling over how to pronounce Quinoa (Keen-wa, by the way ) the rest of us have moved on to newer and better ingredients.

Never ones to leave any trends to chance, Google spent January and February this year collating data on the food trends and searches in the US that we are likely to follow.

From health foods to recipes, every food mentioned has been stored and according to the search engine giants our obsession with ramen is set to continue whilst the likes of turmeric, jackfruit and cauliflower rice are set to be the biggest trends of 2016.

Whether you're looking to expand your culinary horizons or even checking out the market to open a street food stall, Google has broken down the trends into categories they believe will stick around for a while and those that will peak and disappear so you do not sink all your money into goji berries.

It will come as no surprise that ramen is at the top of the list, a food trend that has continued to grow but the likes of pho and bipimbap are coming up behind as our lust for Vietnamese and Korean food increases. These trends according to the Google are likely to be around for a while.

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You can already see the number of Bimimbap restaurants growing all over London and Pho is now a fully-fledged brand as well as being a Vietnamese favourite on the menu.

The fastest growing trends with the least longevity included the likes of turmeric, cauliflower rice and jackfruit. Labelled as 'rising stars' they have had massive popularity in 2016 but might not be around for very long.

Turmeric is certainly a star this year with everyone extolling the virtues of the root spice. From its avowed medicinal uses to health benefits, the vibrant-coloured powdered spice has been hailed for solving all of our problems this year from weight loss to cold remedies. Just watch Instagram to witness the tumeric takeover with 75,778 posts and counting. Online searches for tumeric also rose 56% from November 2015 to January 2016. Enquiries ranged from how it could be used in a recipe, juice or smoothie, new ways to use the magical spice.

Next is the carb-free saviour of cauliflower rice which currently boasts 47,542 mentions on Instagram. A crunchy, vegetable alternative to rice that has become the best friend of the 'clean eating' community. Now sold pre-packed and ready to eat this is a foodie trend that has definitely reach its peak but whether it will linger in the UK is yet to be seen.

Which foods are on the wane? Look back to last year and whatever you were craving and everything on that list is pretty much in decline. Quinoa, Kale chips, red velvet cake and agave are all slowly leaving our shopping lists soon to be replaced with new, more exciting trends.

One of quickest to fade is the Insta-favourite rainbow bagel. Originating from New York, the technicolour dream wheels were the closest we could get to unicorn food and was everywhere in 2015. However, according to Google they are fast on their way out in the US. Given that Selfridges only launched their bagel bar three months ago we have held onto the trend for a little longer but it looks like we could be back to regular plain bread by Christmas.

You can read the full report online now.