On one end, Amazon is reportedly performing rather well with its products and services. Almost every consumer who shops online probably own an Echo device, reads e-books on a Kindle, and subscribes to Prime Video. Those who have the latter are automatically given Twitch Prime access for viewing live streams of game-related media. A few months ago, the content streaming platform saw one of its biggest stars leave. Now, it has been reported that another iconic streaming is making the switch over Microsoft's Mixer. The latest one to make the jump is none other than Shroud.

The Verge confirms Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek made the announcement via Twitter. He now joins Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, who was the first notable personality to leave the Amazon-owned service. This development means that fans of "Fortnite," "Apex Legends" and "PUBG" can no longer watch live broadcasts from these two on Twitch. Given that both streamers have a substantial number of followers. Analysts believe this will have a big impact in the coming months.

Same shroud. New home.https://t.co/eZV2GBBSsY pic.twitter.com/AHaajkjees

— Michael Grzesiek (@shroud) October 24, 2019

Before becoming game-streaming superstars, both Blevins and Grzesiek were competing professionally in their respective games. Ninja with "Halo" and Shroud with "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive." Now that the two are on Microsoft's Mixer, this could have a domino effect wherein other notable streamers might gradually consider moving over.

This apparently comes as a big surprise for fans because it was expected that Blevins departure would mean more viewers for Shroud. Sources even point out that on one of his streams Grzesiek said: "Hey man, Ninja's gone." He then followed with "It's all me, baby. Gotta take advantage." Rumours claim he received a more lucrative offer from Microsoft to stream on Mixer.

CoD Modern Warfare. LETS GO BABY!!https://t.co/AVZuu1jc0p

— Michael Grzesiek (@shroud) October 25, 2019

In contrast, it was speculated that Ninja left Twitch because his brand was growing too big for the service to handle. According to his manager, his decision was not influenced by money, but due to a misunderstanding with the platform. On the other hand, Microsoft was purportedly willing to make the requested adjustments.

Industry experts say Mixer is still has a long way to go to get similar viewership ratings as Twitch. However, it was noted that numbers grew right after Blevins joined the service. With Shroud added to the roster, this could attract more viewers as well as existing fans to Microsoft's fledgling service.

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