Viewers watching ITV news' 10pm bulletin were left confused when it was forced off the air mid-show Wednesday (3 January) after a fire alarm went off. Presenter Tom Bradby was left to explain to viewers that the newsroom was evacuating before the broadcast shut off.

"Okay, as you can probably tell we have a fire alarm. We're not quite sure what to do about it, but we think we're going to have to evacuate," Bradby said during the 10pm bulletin.

"Unfortunately these things happen and we have no choice. We'll try to bring you the rest of the news if we can."

The screen then cut off to a sign saying: "We're sorry for the disruption."

Viewers were quick to comment about the evacuation, calling it the "most British thing" many of them had seen.

"That's a very British way of announcing a fire alarm ITV News. 'Right, well I'm awfully sorry, these things happen and we have to evacuate' Just go Tom we don't want you catching fire politely letting the public down on missing the news," tweeted Andy.

Twitter user "liv" added: "ITV news having to evacuate half way through because of a fire drill is the most British thing I've ever seen".

ITV later confirmed the evacuation was caused by "a false alarm" and confirmed all staff were safe and well.