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Apple is set to begin production of larger, thinner and curvier iPhone 6 models next month ahead of a September release date. Reuters

A new report suggests 4.7in and a 5.5in iPhone 6 models will go into production in July and both models will be thinner and curvier than the iPhone 5s.

The report comes from Bloomberg citing sources familiar with Apple's plans, and seems to back up a report from earlier this week from Taiwan's Economic Daily who said Apple's hardware partner Foxconn is set to hire 100,000 workers in a production push for the iPhone 6 in July.

The sources speaking to Bloomberg said that Apple was planning on putting both 4.7in and 5.5in iPhone 6 models into production next month, but due to a more complicated production process the yield on the larger screened iPhone 6 could mean its release is delayed.

Apple has been widely rumoured to be working on larger screen iPhones as the smartphone market has moved on from the 4in screens currently used on the iPhone 5s. The flagship smartphones from Android manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony all have screens above 5in.

Rounder and thinner

One of the sources said the new iPhones will be rounder and thinner than previous devices, backing up leaked images of iPhone 6 cases which have emerged from the supply chain in recent weeks.

Apple is expected to follow the same release pattern of recent years by unveiling the new iPhones in late August or early September with the phones going on sale a couple of weeks later.

An early contender for the exact date is 19 September with a German retailer apparently trying to tempt customers to upgrade by revealing the release date.

With the iPhone so important to the continued success of Apple - the smartphone business generates half of the company's total revenue - Tim Cook & Co will want to make sure that the new larger iPhones don't compromise the premium feel and user experience which people value so much from the current models, while offering the larger screen experience which most people are looking for these days.