aj burgess
AJ Burgess is being denied a kidney transplant from his father by Emory Hospital in Atlanta 11Alive.com

A two-year-old boy from Atlanta, who has been denied a kidney transplant dues to his father's criminal past, was rushed to the emergency room early Sunday morning suffering from a life-threatening peritonitis infection.

Toddler AJ Burgess, who was born without kidneys, has thus far been denied the life-saving opportunity to have his father's kidney, despite being a perfect match, after dad Anthony Dickerson recently violated his probation. The family's story has spread worldwide since it was profiled on 11Alive News earlier this month.

AJ's situation is set to be re-evaluated in January 2018 after Emory Hospital told the family that Mr Dickerson would have to provide evidence of ''good behaviour''.

This would be monitored over a period of three to four months before doctors could permit him to donate a kidney to his son, but the family are afraid it may be left too late to save the child.

Mawuli Davis, the family's attorney, released a statement which said: "The family is asking for people of all faith traditions to be in prayer today for Baby AJ. His spirit is strong but his body is weakening."

The family are desperate to save little AJ's life, and ask for assistance from anyone who be able to expedite the process of transplanting a new kidney for him.

Members the public have taken to Twitter to express their outrage at the delays enforced by the courts.

One tweeted: ''People need to let @EmoryHealthCare know it's outrageous that they are withholding care from 2 year old #AJBurgess. He needs a kidney now.''

Another said: ''Beautiful baby. What would you do if the Trump admin was preventing lifesaving surgery because of dad's crime? AJ Burgess is being murdered.''

A third tweeted President Donald Trump with: ''@realDonaldTrump You should be the one to help AJ Burgess! Let dad give him HIS kidney right away you have the power of the pen BE the hero.''