Tyler Perry talked about his experience taking the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in the hopes that he can educate others to make the right decision against the potentially fatal disease.

The "Madea" actor-director spoke with CBS "This Morning" on Tuesday to reveal that he already had two shots of the vaccine. The first shot he got on Jan. 4 had no side effects. But on his second round, which he took on Monday, he woke up with "some aches and pains." He drank Advil for relief and said he feels "fine now."

Perry clarified that he did not take the shots because he wants others to follow him. Instead, he wants to educate people in case they have some questions or doubts about the vaccine.

"I'm not taking this vaccine because I want you to take it, I want to give you the information so you make your own choices," he told CBS' Gayle King adding, "I think that's what it's about, education and information."

In the interview, Perry said he understands where the distrust and healthy scepticism comes from, especially for the Black community. He looked back at history and mentioned the Tuskegee experiment and Henrietta Lacks, which "raises flags for us as African American people."

He admitted that he too was initially hesitant to take the COVID-19 vaccine when Atlanta's Grady Health System approached him to raise awareness by taking the shot. He eventually agreed on the condition that they answer all his questions.

The doctors also allowed their answers to be recorded so they "could answer the questions for a lot of people in the community." Those interested can tune in on Thursday to the upcoming BET special, "Covid-19 Vaccine and the Black Community," to see him getting the vaccine and learning from the experts.

The 51-year old especially asked about mRNA technology and how it came up with the vaccine so quickly. He was concerned when he heard things like "Warp Speed." Thankfully, the distrust and doubts faded when he "got all of the information," found out more about the researchers and he was "very, very happy" with all he learned.

Perry said that having a "dramatic reaction" to the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is common. He does not regret taking it since he knows it lessens his chance of ending up in the ICU or dying from the disease.

Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry