Tyrese Gibson
Norma Gibson on Thursday told the court that she is afraid of Tyrese after he allegedly hired someone to follow both her and her friends Getty

Tyrese Gibson was reportedly rushed to hospital with "chest pains" after an "explosive" court date with his former wife on Thursday (26 October).

TMZ reports that the Fast And The Furious star was taken to a hospital shortly after reaching his hotel room as he started to have "chest pain" and was also "dehydrated". The 38-year-old is currently getting fluids for dehydration and will undergo some tests to find out the cause behind the chest pains, the report adds.

Tyrese is involved in a custody battle with his former wife Norma, who on Thursday told the court that her ex-partner had hired someone to follow both her and her friends. Norma further told the court that she was afraid Tyrese might do something to her.

Tyrese, however, rebutted his former wife's claims, saying it was all nonsense.

Norma is seeking to get a permanent restraining order to keep Tyrese away from her and their daughter, Shayla Somer Gibson. She was granted a temporary restraining order in September after she alleged that Tyrese physically abused their 10-year-old girl.

Norma has accused Tyrese of beating their daughter so badly that she wasn't able to sit down afterwards, court documents obtained by HollywoodLife reveal.

"After the minor child begged for mercy, he beat her again," Norma said in the court documents. "In total, he beat her between 12 and 16 times."

"Petitioner hit our daughter so hard that she claimed she could not sit down due to the pain she was experiencing."

Norma has said that the abuse did not stop even when Shayla begged her father to stop hitting her. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please stop! You're hurting me!" Shayla had said during the alleged incident.

Tyrese allegedly beat up his daughter as he was convinced that she was "stealing her own piggy bank money that she received for her birthday".