The Washington Post reports that a tropical storm is strengthening in the Pacific southwest of Mexico but is forecast to stay away from land. The U.S National Hurricane Centre in Miami said early on Friday that Calvin's maximum sustained winds have increased to 50mph (85kph).

The storm is currently located 215 miles southwest of Manzanillo Mexico, and is moving west-northwest at speeds of 15mph (24kph). There have been no warnings placed on the storm as of yet. However, the storm is expected to strengthen during the next 24 hours but the U.S National Hurricane Centre expects that after the initial strengthening over the next 24 hours the storm will weaken over the weekend.

The Herald Tribune has reported that tropical wav of Florida could develop over the next couple of days. There are concerns that the wave has started to grow over the past 24 hours and there is now a 40 per cent chance of turning into a tropical depression within the next two days according to the U.S National Hurricane Centre in Miami.

A further concern for the U.S National Hurricane Centre will be the fact that the wave is beginning to chance course with the lowest pressure associated with the wave located 300 miles south west of Tampa, Florida on the Gulf Coast. The wave is projected to move north of Tampa.

The latest forecast is that pressure is dropping in the Gulf of Mexico meaning the atmosphere is becoming more unstable. There have been moisture and cloud cover building steadily over the opast few days in Florida and the sunshine state is expected to be hit with torrential showers over the weekend. Even if the wave does not become a tropical storm the state of Florida is expected to be hot with serious showers over the weekend and into Monday. The air is holding a great deal of moisture and will soon need to release it somewhere.